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Melon & Parma ham skewers.
Homemade chicken tikka in mini tortilla wrap with lemon & mint mayo.
Mini Yorkshire pudding filled with roast beef & horseradish mayo.
Homemade chicken kebabs with red peppers, red onion & cherry tomato.
Homemade chicken piri piri skewers served with piri piri dip.
Homemade lemon & ginger chicken skewers served with mango chutney.
Smoked salmon, prawns, cream cheese, lemon & dill on cucumber rounds.
Smoked salmon & cream cheese bagels.
Smoked salmon & cream cheese blinis.
King prawn, monge tout & ginger marinated in lime & chive dressing.
Japanese torpedo prawns with sweet chilli dip.
Vol au vents filled with deluxe fillings.
Trio of vegetarian dimsum served with mango chutney.
Mango & Brie parcel served with cranberry dip.
Homemade Vegetarian Tartlets.
Mozzarella, basil & sundried tomato skewers.
Roasted peppers, halloumi & red onion kebab.
Cherry tomato, black olives, mozzarella on garlic & herb crostini.
Mini fresh cream cakes.
Homemade mini chocolate brownies.
£2.25 per item

Food Allergies and intolerances
If you would like any allergy information and advice on any menus please don’t hesitate to contact us