Breakfast Buffet Menus

Menu 1
Freshly prepared breakfast baguette with bacon, sausage or vegetarian sausage
Mini Fruit lattice pastry
£4.25 per head

Menu 2
Freshly prepared bacon & cheese turnover
Pain au chocolate, Mini fruit sticks
£5.00 per head

Menu 3
Freshly baked Danish pastries & croissants served with preserves and butter
Fresh fruit platter
£5.75 per head
Menu 4
Freshly prepared bagel with smoked salmon & cream cheese
Puff pastry shell filled with fresh whipped cream & berries
Mini chocolate chip muffin
£6.50 per head

Assorted breakfast baguette bacon, sausage or vegetarian sausage

£3.50 per person
A selection of pastries & cakes
Danish pastry £1.85 per person
Pain au chocolate £1.85 per person
Croissants with selection of preserves £1.85 per person
Muffins £1.85 per person
Homemade fruit scone with jam & butter £1.85
Homemade cakes start from £1.85
Fresh fruit platter £2.50 per person (Min. 10 people)
Pieces of fruit £1.00 per person
Fresh orange juice 250ml bottles £2.00

Food Allergies and intolerances
If you would like any allergy information and advice on any menus please don’t hesitate to contact us